Board members present :  Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley, Jim Albone, Glenn Leonberger, Ronald Hayward,  Randy Anderlee, Bary Foster and Rami Ring

Board members absent:  Vickie Serrao

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present    

Other members present:  Kim Herrenkohl

Secretary & recorder of minutes:  Rami Ring

Chuck called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm. 

Glenn makes a motion to approve the minutes with changes.  The motion was seconded and approved by all.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Glenn)
    • As typical for this time of year, our financial situation looks good.  Memberships and rack rentals continue to come in. Paperwork has been completed to add Chuck and Cliff on as authorized signers for the account, and John has been taken off.  
    • Glenn informs us that he will be off island from mid April to mid June.  Bary will be taking over the accounting in his absence. Bary will also have a mailbox key.  
    • The invoice for the repair of the J4 is in, Coach Ed requests to be included in receiving the invoices for repairs of the canoes.
  • Coach’s Report (Coach Ed)
    • Ohana paddling is averaging 6-7 canoes daily, occasionally 8 canoes.  Advanced recreational paddling continues on Tues, Thurs afternoons and Sat mornings, with 2-3 canoes typically going out.  Crews are practicing for World Sprints.  
    • Tracey Tadesco’s son’s golf team, which is here for a tournament, took out 2 canoes and made a $300 donation to the club.  
    • Coach Ed is working with the other coaches, and they intend to start junior program first.  Coach is tentatively looking at orientation with new paddlers and their parents in mid Feb, with practices to start shortly after that.  He is looking to start the adult program around March 3. Derek Park has some ideas, and may be willing to help coach the junior program.  Coach will need to assess the possibility of splitting practice days to accommodate all paddlers.      
  • Equipment Report (Coach Ed)
    • As mentioned, the repairs on the J4 have been completed.  A mirage and possibly J3 is in need of repairs. 1 ama has a fair amount of water in it.  The iakos are pretty beat up, and paddles are in need of refinishing. Possibly a work day to have members refinish.   Kevin Perry offered to repair/refinish paddles at $50/paddle.  
    • As a reminder, members are expected to buy their own paddles, except for juniors.  
    • Coach Ed is questioning if invoices were received for repairs to 2 amas fixed in 2019 and an ama on the 4 man canoe. 
    • Spray skirt for the J7 will be ordered, and Ed will make the final decision on which to get.   
  • Moku Report (Cliff)
    • Cliff sent the board an email regarding the renting of the Bradley canoe by IVF for World Sprints.  It stated they will pay for 10 days to rent it, but they will be in possession of the canoe from May through June.  Canoes will not be needed for trials, only the event itself. Cliff will follow up and get more information.  
  • Membership Report (Chuck)
    • So far 143 members have sent in their renewal memberships and about 100 of those are from recreational paddling.  Rami will send out an email about renewing membership.  
  • New Business
    • Malibu Shirts
      •  Waikoloa Land Co. contacted the club and informed us that the naupaka logo that is being used on our shirts is a copyrighted logo, and it cannot be used for any purpose that someone else is making money.  They notified us that we can sell the current inventory of shirts at Malibu Shirts, but it is not to be used for the next production. Chuck informed Malibu Shirts and gave them the option of us buying it back.  
      • Cliff presented his design for new shirts.  Glenn presented Vickie’s design for new shirts also.  

The next meeting will be on Wed., March 4 at 6:00 PM in the WVA community meeting room.  Jim motions to adjourn, Cliff seconds the motion.