Secretary and recorder of minutes: Rami Ring

Board members present: John Ciambrone, Guy Davis, Chuck Pfaff, Glenn Leonberger, Jim Albone, Cliff Gilley, Vicki Serrao and Rami Ring

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present.

Board members absent: Ronald Hayward

Other members present: Henry Biscardi

John Ciambrone called the meeting to order.

•Approve minutes from previous meeting

◦The minutes from Jan. meeting were approved with a spelling correction.

•Treasurer’s Report (Glenn)

◦Budget vs actual for 2019 is looking good. ◾

Membership- $12,105 actual vs $9000 budget, exceeded by $3105 ◾

Rack rentals-$8250 actual vs $6650 budget, exceeded by $ 1500 ◾

Overall net income- $19,689.37 actual vs $15,121.00, exceeded by $4568.37 ◾There were some repair costs from late last year that were paid in Jan. so they show up in 2019.

◾We have agressive numbers for Feb. & Mar. so we need to continue to bring in membership & rack rental money. ◦As agreed in Jan. meeting, $300/month was added to the budget for a total of $3600 for the year.

◦Off-island race budget not yet finalized.

•Coach’s Report (Ed)

◦Coach has designated practice days for Kane (Men) on Mon. & Wed. at 5:00 pm & Sat at 8:30 am; and Wahine (Women) on Tues. & Thurs at 5:00 pm & Sat. at 7:00 am. Coach may decide to change depending on turn out for practices.

•Equipment Report (Guy & Ed)

◦Henry Biscardi presented safety equipment for canoes. The board decided that the club will get one safety kit for every 4 canoes. The kit is comprised of one Throw Bag (50’ rope) and one CO2 powered PFD. In addition, each steersman will have a waterproof floating case for their cell phone provided by the club for the duration of the paddle.

◦Guy discussed possibility of getting dollie from AK.


◦Carl Gibson is in charge volunteers, organization of the Lavaman fundraiser on 3/31. Rami to send out an email requesting volunteers for remaining positions.

•Moku Report (Cliff)

◦Moku championships to have 70’s men & women race this year.

◦Four races have been changed from 1 mile to ½ mile- 18 boys, Novice A men, and 40’s men & women

◦New race software will be getting tested this year

◦Regatta announcements will be done with FM transmitter, so clubs need to get weather/sand proof FM radio/boom box.

◦Kailua Pier access will be changing, more info forthcoming

◦Coaches/Officials meeting at Waimea Community Center on April 20 at 9 am

◦Canoe weighing on west side to be done 4/27 starting at Kawaihae at 7am

◦The new race schedule was passed out

•HCRA Report (Jim)

•Membership Report (Chuck)

◦Membership continues to be strong.

•Unfinished Business

◦There are still some outstanding fees for rack rentals. Rami to send out an email reminder everyone to pay for membership AND rack rental fee. ◦Waikoloa Land Co has approved our design for new sign at Anaeho’omalu Bay

◦Off-island race guidelines ◾

Although a decision wasn’t made on the budget for off-island races yet, it was the general consensus that those wishing to participate in off-island races should be participating in fundraising in order to receive any assistance with funds for off-island races. It was also decided that if the club passes on a fundraising opportunity, off-island race paddlers may take on that fundraiser and restrict the funds for a particular race.

◦Vicki will be reordering hats & shirts. Merchandise is already in the budget, so further approval is not required.

•New Business

◦Vicki brought up the possibility of raising the minimum age for non-member inexperienced paddlers to 16. There have been issues in Ohana paddling and it is a safety concern. Vicki made a motion made to raise the minimum age of inexperienced, non-member paddlers from 12 to 16. This does not apply to WCC junior paddlers or junior paddlers from other clubs. The motion was seconded and approved by all.

•Our next meeting will be Wed, March 6 at WVA community meeting room.

•Meeting adjourned.