Waikoloa Canoe Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Board Members present: Bob Yap, Randy Anderle, Maria Wagner, Maryann Holloway, Ralph Adams, Kim Schneider, Kianni Dodson, Charles “Kalani” Kaili

Other members present:  KC Clark, Tinsley Cohen, Eric Goetz, Lillian Lim, Chris Parsons, Sandra Sater, Victoria Serrao, Jonathan Walsh

The meeting was held virtually via Google Meet. The recorder of the minutes was Erin Williams, Secretary. 

President Bob Yap welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

 Review of Robert’s Rules- Ralph Adams provided background information on using Robert’s Rules. He reviewed the ‘cheat sheet’ which had been shared with the Board and spoke to the efficiency the rules provide: 1) They keep a meeting running smoothly; and, 2) They provide equity of voice. Ralph then shared these benefits’ importance: 1) Justice and courtesy for all; and, 2) Maintenance of order. Bob, as president, will preside ensuring that all members must raise their hands to be recognized; and, no one may speak until recognized by Bob. Randy added that the use of Robert’s Rules is found in the club’s Bylaws.

Treasurer’s Report (Maria)-Please see Maria’s report sent to the Board on 1.5.23.

The draft budget for 2023 has been posted on the club website with modifications made: Line item changes involved movement of Juniors budget and rack rentals. Currently, no there are no assumptions of changes to membership income for 2023. The club needs to purchase PFDs (USCG approved). Each Ohana Program recreational paddler must purchase and be equipped with one while in the canoe.

The general liability insurance carried by Paddle Sports Risk Management has been paid ($900) and there is a possibility of an increase per insurance for truck, trailer, recreational paddlers, guests, OC-1s, and OC-6s.

Kianni made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as written. The motion was seconded and approved by all.

Equipment Report (Randy/Kalani)-Kalani reported that canoe J5 is back in use. Canoe J6 is going out for hull repair. Canoe J2 is being pulled for iako and hull repairs. Four canoes will be available for use. The double hull may need to be dismantled due to large surf.

Randy will confer with Kalani per dolly repairs, e.g.: bearings.

Maria asked for estimates for repairs; Kalani reported that at this time, the repair costs are small.

Moku & HCRA Report (Randy)-Randy reported that the last meeting was the same; the secretary voted for us by proxy. The next meeting is scheduled for 1/20/23 at Kawaihae.

Coach’s Report (Kalani)-Kalani reported that the December steering clinic and  technique training was geared to Ohana paddlers so as to build new paddlers’ abilities. Kalani noted improvement in paddlers’ stroke and overall paddling. He received positive feedback from paddlers who attended.

Kalani asked if consent waivers are needed for special events; Maria answered that it would depend on who is sponsoring the events. Bob tabled the discussion.

Membership Report (Vicki)–Vicki confirmed that she will no longer be heading Membership; however, she will continue to help until a new coordinator can be found.

Randy asked Bob to inquire if anyone attending the meeting was interested in heading Membership. Bob posed the question and Sandra Sater asked what the workload is. Vicki conveyed that in the beginning of the year, the workload is heavy. Sandra said she would consider heading Membership. Kalani emphasized the importance of the position.

Old Business

Appointment to fill the final vacant seat on the Board– Bob shared that Rami Ring as past secretary had sent out an email to all club members inquiring if there was anyone desiring the one-year term position; however, no one replied. 

Eric Goetz had offered to serve back in December 2022. Randy made a motion for Eric Goetz to be appointed to fill the vacant seat on the Board. The motion was seconded and approved by all. It was confirmed that Eric who serves as an assistant coach may vote as BoD member.

Selection and confirmation of Head Coaches for 2023-Randy made a motion to confirm Kalani Kaili and Jeb Goss as Head Coaches for 2023. The motion was seconded and approved by all.

Addition of secretary to Race Day Live-Erin asked for assistance to add her as club secretary to Race Day Live. Bob said he would assist, and Randy said he will reach out to Carolyn, MOKU Secretary, to enroll Erin as secretary for WCC.

New Business– 

Membership management-Sandra Sater is considering heading Membership with assistance from Vicki and Maria. Maria shared that 2023 Membership forms are coming in via the club’s P.O. Box. Membership dues should be paid as checks of cash only. Kalani asked if he could collect forms and money to give to Maryann and Maria, or put them in the cashbox. Maria shared that preference is by mail, and that Stephen S. will be assisting Maria and Maryann with the cashbox collection.

Rack management– Adele will not be continuing her role as racks manager. Ralph, Eric, and Jonathan Walsh volunteered to help manage the racks. Bob will follow up with an email; he stated that his preference for managing the racks is by committee. Maria suggested that there should be a morning paddling rack coordinator and an evening paddling coordinator. Randy asked to confirm the manager of racks immediately; however, Ralph said they needed to confer with Adele first. Bob added that he would confer with other members who had expressed interest. Currently, Maria is assisting and has created a spreadsheet showing available and rented racks and is scanning rack rental agreements and housing them.

Adele had reported that there has been theft of OC-1 seats and iakos. Kalani recommended that members do not leave their OC-1 seats and iakos in their racks.

Move Together Grant/Background checks for adults working with youth-Lillian Lim, who authored the grant, deferred to Maria to introduce the grant to the Board. Maria gave background about the grant and its purpose: to support wahine junior and keiki paddlers. The grant funds would cover recipients’ family memberships and canoe repairs. The program is centered around mentoring with the intention of having coaches and female paddlers providing mentoring sessions to the grant paddlers. The grant was written for $10K, and Kianni Dodson authored the grant title. 

A condition for the grant to be funded is that all adults who work with the recipients must have background checks. Discussion about background checks ensued and Bob explained that we are looking at options of groups that both garner and manage background checks. It was noted that as a minor, Kianni would not need a background check. Maria suggested that the club find a company that would manage correct background checks and wait to approve the grant. Bob said he would send next steps via email.

Division programs and coordinators/assistant coaches-Tabled until next meeting.

Date and time of next meeting-Tentative date is February 1st. The next meeting will be in-person. Bob will send an email to amend/confirm the date and place. Meeting will begin at 6:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 pm.