Due to Covid19 restrictions, Ed Teixeira, Chuck Pfaff, Ronald Hayward & Glenn Leonberger attended via phone conference. Randy Anderlee, Jim Albone, Cliff Gilley, Bary Foster, Vicki Serrao and Rami Ring attended in person.

Secretary and recorder of minutes: Rami Ring

Chuck calls the meeting to order at 6:22 pm. Chuck makes a motion to accept the minutes, the motion is seconded and approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report (Glenn)

Not much to report, there were no additional bills. Glenn briefly went over the financial reports.

Coach’s Report (Coach Ed)

With no group paddling going on, there is nothing to report other than there is an increase in the number of OC1 paddlers going out.

Equipment Report (Coach Ed)

4 pairs of iakos are in for repair. Steve Columbo is curing and 2 should be ready July 7. Sometime aroun 7/11-7/14 all 4 should be ready for service.

More decals have been ordered for the hulls & ama.

The deposit of $1500 for the skirt for J7 has been made. Ed has not heard status of when it will be ready yet. Sonny Bradley can be a contact to make hoops for the skirt.

Vicki mentions that the interior of the canoes are filthy and suggests spending money to fix the covers so they don’t get so dirty. Ed suggests flipping the canoes over if we don’t start paddling for another 2-3 weeks.

MOKU & HCRA Report (Cliff)

The survey for the regatta course has been done. 83-85 feet for each lane.

Due to Kona Athletic not paying their fine within 60 days, their membership is suspended indefinitely.

All long distance races have been cancelled. Cliff makes a motion to cancel the Great Waikoloa Canoe Race, Jim seconds the motion and all approve. Cliff will notify HCRA & MOKU of the cancellation. Glenn will post on our Facebook page about the cancellation.

June 26 clubs got the go-ahead to start paddling again. Only Keauhou has started up 6 man paddling, but there is anticipation that the rest of the clubs will be starting up soon. Social distancing of 6 feet and no groups bigger than 35 people, which would amount to 5 canoes including beach directors and coaches.

Old Business

Cliff suggests having the president decide on the new rash guard design. Randy suggests putting it out the general membership and let members decide. No decision was made.

New Business

Kyle Combes is looking at the website, he may need to get a professional web designer to redo the website.

Due to theft at the beach, security cameras at our hale was discussed. It needs to be cleared with WLC before anything is done. Drawings indicating where the proposed cameras would be would need to be submitted, and then Chuck can check with WLC. Possibly solar powered cameras or game cameras?

Too many people have been utilizing the beach gate and leaving their trucks on the beach and WLC has complained about the abuse. In the past, only the President & Head Coach were allowed to park there, but Coach Ed has not been taking advantage of the opportunity. The lock will be changed to eliminate the abuse.

Starting up OC6 paddling was discussed. It was decided that safety protocols would need to be established…disinfecting of the canoes before & after, using your own paddle (no club paddles), 35 people max, 5 canoes, temperature check & Covid waiver. Rami made a motion to start OC6 paddling effective 7/21 provided everything is ready. Randy seconded the motion, and the motion was approved. Rami will work on the waiver & incorporating the safety protocols on the list provided by Cliff.

The meeting was extremely difficult to hear due to the fact that we had some attending via phone conferencing and some in person. People were talking at the same time, not hearing others and a lot of echoing. It was decided that the next meeting will be held via phone conferencing only.

The next meeting will be held on Wed., Aug. 5, 2020 at 6:00 pm. The meeting was adjourned.