Board members present : John Ciambrone, Chuck Pfaff, Guy Davis, Glenn Leonberger, Cliff Gilley, Vicki Serrao, and Rami Ring

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Board members absent: Ronald Hayward

Other members present: Forrest Wild

Secretary & recorder of minutes: Rami Ring

John Ciambrone called the meeting to order at 6:06 pm. Glenn made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting. The motion was seconded and approved.

•Treasurer’s Report (Glenn)

     ◦Budget vs. actual figures shows that we are $10,000 in the positive, mostly due to rack rentals and membership.

     ◦Vicki received an additional $150 donation for the junior program that is not reflected in the financial reports.

     ◦Currently there is $1850 in donations to be used for the junior program.

•Coach’s Report (Ed)

     ◦The racing season has been up & down. In the first 2 regattas we medaled in 10 events, but the last regatta it should have been 8 crews medaling, but in actuality it was more like 6. Week to week we change between competing in Division A and Division B. There are still gaps in the junior program and in paddlers below the age of 50 years of age. For Moku Championship, we can enter 29 events.

     ◦Mixed 12 crew continues to do well and consistently place 1st. Ed requests a budget for the kids to go to states, he is asking for $200/per paddler. The earliest flight in the morning would be too late, so juniors would need to arrive the night before. Glenn makes a motion to approve $200 per junior paddler, with a discretion of an additional $500 to use if needed. The motion was seconded and approved by all.

     ◦Ed talked to Jun & Jeb about the possibility of shipping our koa canoe to states. If we have 6 crews going to states it would be difficult to borrow a canoe for all those races. Jun will look into his contacts to see if we can piggy back with another club and save money on the shipping to Kauai. Jim makes a motion to increase the budget by $900 (for a new total of $3000), to be used at the coach’s discretion for states competition, including shipping the koa, transportation assistance with getting crews to Kauai, etc. The motion was seconded and approved by all.

     ◦Ohana paddling averages 3-5 canoes per day. On July 4, Coach Ed has designated 8:00 am for recreational paddling, junior program and 65 crews. The rest of the racing program is scheduled for 9:30 am. If any crew cannot make the morning practice, they are welcome to come in the afternoon. ◦Coach Ed stated that we lack a place to store our trophies. Waikoloa Land Co. will allow us to display our trophies if we have a display case.

•Equipment Report (Guy & Ed)

◦Guy and Ed expressed their surprise at the cost of repairing the new amas, and Guy suggests the possibility of buying new amas instead of repairing them. He recalls that when we bought 2 new amas last year it cost $1800. Purchasing new amas are already in the budget.


     ◦Great Waikoloa Canoe Race

     Plans are moving forward very smoothly. Vicki’s planning committee consists of Ed Teixeira, John Ciambrone, Marcie Davis, Glenn Leonberger, Adele Salzman, Helen Boswell, Robin Hewitt, and herself. Lava Lava will provide food. Questions arise as to what is the menu, and if we need to supplement the menu. Jim is working on Hilton Grand Vacations for a donation for the race. Banner is ready to go, just needs to be put up…possibly at the shopping center and the next race. Ice is being provided by Brandy. Glen & Laura are handling the registration and inputting of results. Ed is in charge of water safety. Ed will also check on the possibility of using the Moku timer for our race. Tommy Isobe is doing the music. Awards and the flyer for the race is completed. Rami will put on the website. On the Monday before the race we need to help load up tables and chairs.

•Moku Report (Cliff)

     ◦There is talk about residents of Kauai not welcoming states being held on the island due to the fact that they haven’t recovered from the effects of the last storm to hit the island. Some clubs are pulling out of the competition.

•Membership Report (Chuck)

     ◦Membership currently at 304 paddlers, of that 148 are racers.

•Unfinished Business

     ◦New rash guards- jpeg of design is needed before shirts can be ordered. This is put on the back burner, not very high on the list of things to do right now.

     ◦Malibu Shirts- Jim will check with Lisa Legler for contact person. If not promising, John will follow up with Malibu Shirts.

     ◦John suggests unloading old rash guards at GWCR, and then we can order new ones.

Next Board Meeting – August 7, 2019.