Board members present : John Ciambrone, Guy Davis, Glenn Leonberger, Ronald Hayward, Vicki Serrao, and Rami Ring

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Board members absent: Chuck Pfaff, Jim Albone, Cliff Gilley

Other members present: none

Secretary & recorder of minutes: Rami Ring

John Ciambrone called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Ronald made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting. The motion was seconded and approved.

•Treasurer’s Report (Glenn)

          ◦Glenn presented the proposed budget vs. actual budget year-to-date. Numbers are quite close, so the proposed budget was quite good. 

          ◦Restricted contributions

                    ◾Most of the restricted contributions are obvious, but Glenn brought up the use of contributions intended to be used for the junior program. Ed stated that there are potentially 2 junior crews that may qualify for states, and that may be a good time to use those funds to assist with travel to states competition.

                    ◾Ed questioned the $1000 donation for the junior program that was expected from Lavaman. John will follow up on.

          •Coach’s Report (Ed)

                    ◦Coach Ed stated that the Mixed 12 crew & 12 Girls crew are looking very promising for making it to states competition.

                    ◦Adult crews are doing fine. There are now 45 racing events in Moku, although men’s and women’s 70’s will only be at Moku championship regatta. 4 races have been reduced from 1 mile to ½ mile.

                    ◦Guy brought up the possibility of cameras being used for races. Ed felt that issue should be brought up at the annual meeting.

                    ◦Last year 8 crews made it to states competition, and we borrowed 4 canoes for those races. This year Ed would like to take the Kama O Kalani if possible. Cost for transportation is approx. $1500 round trip, possibly less if we piggy back with another club.

                   ◦On the recreational paddling side, an average of 7 canoes are going out a day. Membership continues to grow.

                   ◦Ed believes that we lost 38 paddlers compared to last year, however we did pick up new ones. There were 131 racers last year compared to 145 this year.

•Equipment Report (Guy & Ed)

                  ◦Amas are getting damaged at a high rate.

                  ◦Flat tires on the wheels have been a continuing problem.

                  ◦Koa seat that broke at the last regatta will be fixed tomorrow.

                  ◦Flags keep disappearing. Adele has flags for back up. Ronald will check on bamboo poles.


         ◾Great Waikoloa Canoe Race

          •Everything is coming along smoothly. Next week will be the first meeting in over a month. Ed is working on a flyer to be put on our website. He intends to incorporate a junior race in the GWCR-a Girls 18 & Boys 18 division with a minimum age of 16, and they will race along the adults.

•Moku Report (Cliff absent)

•HCRA Report (Jim absent)

•Membership Report (Chuck absent)

•Unfinished Business

          ◦Ohana paddling guest policy-John will compose an email stating that guests must have the physical ability to paddle, member must be willing to be in the same canoe as their guest(s), and be of a minimum age of 16 unless they are a junior paddler. Rami will send out John’s email to the club.

          ◦Race rash guards-Race rash guards have been issued to junior paddlers and new members. For the new shirts, input has been very favorable toward purple shirts. Ed suggests offering new rash guards to paddlers at cost. Ed is working on the design for the new rash guards.

Next Board Meeting – July 3, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 7:11 pm.