Board Members present: Bob Yap, Maria Wagner, Bary Foster, Maryann Holloway, Randy Anderlee, Rami Ring

Board members absent: Ralph Adams

Other members present:  Adele Salzman, Vicki Serrao

Bob called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

MINUTES – Maryann motioned to approve the minutes, Maria 2nd , all board members agreed.


Rack rentals- 10 people took their canoe out, 7 people came in.  No one on waiting list.  Kalani will fill racks with racers @ G & H racks (16 spots).  Maria should budget on 105 rack spaces.  Maria would like to review the budget in June.  Adele is asking if we have committed to assisting with Lavaman this year.  Bob got an email from Jim stating that Gerri from Lavaman will be reaching out to him, but he hasn’t heard anything yet.  Lavaman is first weekend in April.  Bob will send out an email regarding the club participating in Lavaman and soliciting volunteers.   


New dolly came, not sure if Kalani followed up with Doug Bumatay on wheels.  Bob was doing some research on non-air tires, quite expensive but long life.  Bob will connect with Kalani.  Bob is waiting for the quote on the covers. 


2/19 was the meeting, world sprints update: 2024 will be in Hilo.  Coaches meeting 4/16 at 9 am at Kawaihae, 3/19 is canoe weigh in, starts at Kawaihae at 7:30 am. Option was given to 3 clubs in Kona to hold their races at Hilo…1 canoe decided to hold their race at Hilo instead of Kona, Kai Ehitu will be in Hilo.  Dana, the VP at HCRA will be having a meeting regarding World Spint volunteers.  Molokai Hoe is postponed.  Next meeting to be in person. 


According to HCRA we have 162 members, but 140 paid members…52 racers, 88 rec paddlers.  Maria based her budget on memberships collected last year. 


Randy will keep trying to talk to his contact on security cameras. 

There was talk about forming a committee to do an internal audit (3 people, excluding Maria). 


We received 3 more memorial requests.  Randy is working with a family for an evening memorial paddle, he will work around practice or move boats down to MaunaLani.  Randy will ask them to adjust their time, ending at 5:30.  Will need a minimum of 12 volunteer paddlers for the event on 28th.   Aug. 2 service is asking for videographer. Another memorial service on 12th, with experienced paddlers. 

Guideline suggestions:  We control the time of memorial services and days. 

The next meeting will be Wed, April 6 via google meet.