Board members present:  Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley, Jim Albone, Randy Anderlee, Bary Foster & Vicki Serrao

Head Coach:  Ed Teixeira present

Members absent:  Rami Ring, Glenn Leonberger

Recorder of minutes:  Vicki Serrao

Chuck called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bary went over the financials with us with only a few questions he had about some small amounts which Glenn will be able to answer when he returns.  All in all, our financial situation looks good and we housld be able to take care of any repairs we need going into the racing season. 

Coaches report:  Coach Ed ammounced our practice season started March 3, with quite a few novices showing up for this year’s race team along with 21 Junior paddlers.  The momentum for this year’s adult racing crews is starting out slow due to vacations and other commitments but looks promising and should start ramping up soon.  We should look forward to seeing a lot of new faces this year.  Saturday mornings is now officially a race practice day. 

Recreational paddling numbers are still high with, at times, as many as 8 canoes going out. 

Equipment report:  Coach Ed has over the last weeks; sanded at least 10 paddles to rotate back into the shed.  He is looking for volunteers who would like to help with this ongoing project.  About 5 paddles in the shed currently are in bad shape.  We are also missing some blades and a lot of the saddles for the OC1 canoes. 

A few iako need work and we will be rotating 2 more in and out to get things ready for the season.  As far as the canoes go; J-3 has a gouge on the right-hand side which needs to be attended to.  J-9 is serviceable at this time but could use some work as well as the ama on the J-2 which has a crack which needs to be fixed. 

Our club ID (Waikoloa) will be stenciled on each of the ama for identification purposes. 

Purchase of a canvas skirt for the ultralight is still up in the air.  Jim A. will check with the manufacturer for a final cost and colors available.  We would like to be able to spend no more than $3300-$3500 to cover the cost of standard hoops and paddle holders. 

Chuck brought up the repairing of the covers of our fleet of canoes with replacement straps which are all broken.  Ed will ask Kai Sills of Kawaihae and Beth Biscardi (off island at the moment) if this is something either of them would like to tackle. 

Moku report:  Cliff Gilley brought a list of the race schedule for this season.  Moku will meet again on 4/4 for this race season.  Anyone is welcome to come to get a sense of what goes on at these meetings, also if anyone is interested in becoming an official. 

A lot in the air at this time with the spread of the Covid Virus.

HCRA report:  Jim Albone said the IVF time trials were a bit disorganized for this year in Hilo.  HCRA should know in the coming week what IVF plans to do about finishing the time trials for those who were in the finals but did not race.  Also, the racers who did not get to race because the 26 races which were left were cancelled because of the terrible weather. 

Membership report:  Chuck Pfaff has on our books, 209 paid members 82 of which are racers. 

New Business:  The Waikoloa Canoe Club logo which includes the Naupaka may still be used for club shirts.  Just nothing outside of club activities as it is copyrighted by Waikoloa Land Management. 

Club shirts do not have a design as of this writing.  Designs for the club shirts were submitted by Cliff and Vicki…nothing was approved.  New ideas were proposed which Cliff and Vicki will work on this month and should be done and approved by the next BOD meeting. 

$100 was donated by Lillian Lim to help repair damage to the J-4. 

HCRA does not cover any of our rec paddlers-we will be looking into private insurance to find which is most cost effective by talking to other clubs to find who they are using. 

$400 per canoe to cover equipment, liability to other canoes and repairs. 

Vicki would like the go ahead to start putting GWCR together…OK to hire Tomi Isobe for music.