Board Members present: Bob Yap, Maria Wagner, Maryanne Holloway, Bary Foster, Randy Anderle, Ralph Adams & Rami Ring

Board Members Absent:  None

Other members present:  Jim Albone, Adele Salzman, Vicki Serrao

Bob called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.  Maryanne made a motion to accept the minutes as written.  The motion was 2nd by Maria and approved by all. 

TREASURER’S REPORT- We have ahead of plan and have achieved 72% of the total budgeted revenue for 2022.  Additional recreational and junior paddlers contributed to our increased membership income.  $2000 was received from Lavaman for our volunteer efforts in addition to $500 from Aloha Tri Sports/Lava Kids, which is restricted to the junior program.  $620 in expenses, for equipment purchases, renewal of Sign up Genius and accountant fees.  Hull ins. premium is due, we’ll be about $1000 over budget there.  Maria made a motion to pay the hull ins premium of approx. $8600 when it comes in.  Motion was seconded by Maryann and approved by all.  Refurbishing the Tahitian may be more than anticipated and go over the anticipated budgeted repairs.  Randy will talk to Jeb to get an idea of anticipated costs.  Maria touched base with our accountant, Kristina Makoff regarding use of restricted funds, in light of upcoming WS 70’s Wahine crew donations.  She was advised fundraising opportunities for restricted use should be approved by the Board and documented in the meetings.  Expenses must be documented with receipts or invoices.      

EQUIPMENT REPORT  (Randy)- Kalani picked up 2 new wheels and repaired 1 dolly.  Bob has not heard yet on the price to get the 1 cover replaced, which the vendor currently has.  Once he picks up the current cover, we can drop off another cover for repair.  Our koa canoe has been rigged and ready for use. 

HCRA/MOKU REPORT (Randy)–  Moku is looking into getting a new PA system, if anyone knows of anyone with a PA system, please let Randy know.  Jim informed us the microphones needs to be plugged in because the microphone doubles as an antennae.  Randy presented us with a letter from HCRA regarding World Sprints 2024.  HCRA wants the individual clubs to buy the canoes to be used for World Sprints.  Maria:  Is every club expected to buy a canoe? Club preference is Tiger canoe.  Should we send something out to the club regarding volunteers for WS 2024?  Randy suggested once we get more info we should send something out to the club regarding interested volunteers.  Sunday 5/15 at 5pm is next MOKU meeting, determination is expected to be made whether Ozone or Tiger canoes will be used.

Race Day Live- real time reporting of race results, opportunity for challenges.  Available to club secretary for access to club results…race day live app. Rami will have access, Randy thinks it’s a good idea to add coach, & Randy…upper left side of HCRA website.    Rami should already have access to the app. 

MEMBERSHIP REPORT (Maryanne, Vicki)–  282 active members, 90 racers.  Lots of day memberships, converting to members joining.  Membership had been dwindling, but we appear to be getting as many new members as those we are losing.  Maryanne:  We talk to recreational members who may have potential in competitive paddling.  Maria feels if recreational were exposed to coaching, learning about paddling, we may get more paddlers interested in joining the racing program.  Ralph mentioned that the coaches do a lot of work, and to expect them to do more may be unreasonable.  Randy suggested setting up a booth at the Waikoloa marketplace and promote joining the club.  Put on the next agenda. 

Overdue rack rental leases and payments:  Bob will send out overdue notice to members.


Day membership fees follow up:  Maria:  At the last meeting we talked about eliminating the Day Membership fee & revamping the form.  2020 year to date $240 income from Day Membership.  In 2020 income of almost $2000 for the year; 2021 almost $1600 income from Day Membership.  Maria suggest keeping the Day Membership and fees as part of our program, the consensus agrees.  However, everyone that gets in the canoe needs to sign the waivers.  Discuss at a later date. 


GWCR:  Vicki will be in London, so Maria is taking over as head of committee.  Maryanne & Ralph volunteered to be on the committee.  Randy will help out with Waikoloa Land Co and DLNR.  WLC needs a letter to reserve the beach (should have been sent out already). Maria is requesting Zoom meeting on Monday @ 4 pm to discuss planning of the event.

World Sprints 70 Wahine donations- Lillian Lim approached to ask if the club could help out with donations received to their crew.  Maria reached out to accountant on how we should handle corporate donations.  Board needs to be clear on what they are fundraising for and funds need to be kept in a separate restricted account and receipts need to be provided for reimbursement.  Leftover funds will be used for club purposes, as stipulated in Lillian’s letter. Maryanne is asking if we are diluting our ability to reach out to the corporate accounts that have already been pledged to WS 70 wahine, and those corporations will not support GWCR.  Vicki stated she is also putting together a rash guard sales as a fundraiser for WS 70’s.  Randy makes a motion to support the ladies world sprint 70’s team.  Maria revised to motion to include as specified in Lillian Lim’s letter.  The motion was seconded and approved by all.  

Membership & rack space for Jimmy Mahuna:  Jimmy has been instrumental in getting us the spot that we store the canoes, so Vicki is requesting that we give him a membership & rack rental at no charge.  Maria made a motion to give Jimmy a lifetime membership and rack rental, the motion was 2nd and approved by all.   

Next meeting will be Wednesday, June 1, 2021 at 6:00 pm via google meet. 

The meeting was adjourned at  7:56 pm.