Due to Covid19 restrictions, the board meeting was held via conference call. There was no sign-in sheet.

Board members present: Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley, Randy Anderle, Jim Albone, Glenn Leonberger, Vickie Serrao, Bary Foster and Rami Ring

Board members absent: Ronald Hayward

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Other members present: Laura Leonberger, Forrest and Bonnie Wild

Secretary & recorder of minutes: Rami Ring

Chuck starts the meeting at 6:00 pm. Jim makes a motion to accept the minutes, the motion is seconded and approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report (Glenn)

We haven’t spent that much money so far. Glenn discussed insurance premium with State Farm, Hull & trailer insurance will be discounted due to Covi19 situation. Taxes are ready to be filed. Jim questions whether or not Chrysalis funds, or other fundraisers are properly classified, because it was presented to firms as a donation. (See Treasurer notes) Glenn makes a motion to file an exemption for the club, Jim seconds the motion. Approved by all.

Coach’s Report (Coach Ed)

Ed has been monitoring the situation, trying to see what direction the county is going to go. We all are wondering what paddling will be like once we’re allowed to get going again. Many decisions rests on MOKU & decision for long distance season.

Equipment Report (Coach Ed)

A week or so ago, Ed met Guy at the beach. Guy made 2 saw horses & they flipped the Ho’omaluo over. Also flipped the Tahitian, put it on the sandy area and covered it. 4 canoes were de-rigged and canvases were half on. Steve Columbo took some iakos home to refinish. All iakos for the fiberglass canoes should be refinished. Art Nelson (sail maker) contacted by Ed, he ordered new canvas. 50% deposit sent in, approx. $1500 due when complete. Hoops to be ordered from Bradley canoes…$350???

MOKU & HCRA Report (Cliff)

HCRA is hoping for refund/credit for insurance since we have not had a racing season. They are asking for estimates on who will be holding races and how often paddling would occur once it’s allowed. Every club wants to get back in the water. However, long distance paddlers may not be in shape, and the possibility of getting in trouble is a greater concern to the insurance companies who are concerned about their liability. It may have to wait until the end of the years to assess any credit due to HCRA.

State races have been officially cancelled. Next year…Oahu wants to have states for 2021 and then 2022 in Hilo (pushed back 1 year). All clubs want to do long distance, but it will be decided not by us. If we intend to have the GWCR, we should submit for permit ASAP just in case we are able to have races. Permits for beaches may be limited to 50, if that’s the case, no long distance races at all. Permits require 30 days prior for approval. The plan is to order medals for GWCR just in case, if not used, they can be saved for next year. We would need to know by July 1 if the race is a go or not.

IVF 2021 to be held in Samoa, 2022 in London. This year’s sprints were cancelled.

Kona Athletic Club got fined $1500 for not holding their race last year. They were going to hold a race in Dec, but it was canceled due to lack of participation. Jim makes a motion to make a donation of $200 to Kona Athletic Club for our non-participation of their race. The motion is seconded and approved by all.

Membership Report (Chuck)

Not a lot going on. 227 paid members.

Old Business

GWCR-Vickie will order medals. Vickie wants to lower our carbon footprint. Instead of individual water, have people bring their own water containers. Need to check out “Water Monsters” from Kai Opua.

Rack rentals-Vickie got a good response. Only 3 outstanding that she has been unable to contact.

New rash guards-Chuck will make a spreadsheet with designs and we email Chuck our choice.

The next meeting will be held on Wed., June 3 at 6:00 pm. WVA will let Vickie know if we’re able to use the meeting area again.