Board members present : John Ciambrone, Chuck Pfaff, Cliff Gilley, Jim Albone, Guy Davis, Vicki Serrao, Glenn Leonberger, Ronald Hayward and Rami Ring

Board members absent: None

Head Coach Ed Teixeira present

Other members present: Adele Salzman, Randy Ring (partial) Secretary & recorder of minutes: Rami Ring

Chuck called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm. Jim made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting. The motion was seconded and approved by all.

•Treasurer’s Report (Glenn) ◦Ama has been paid for and arrived. Our financials year-to-date looks good, approx. $22,000 in the positive.

◦Glenn has prepared a draft of the 2020 budget, which he reviews with the board. There are adjustments made to the proposed budget based on feedback from the board.

     ◦There was discussion if we would like to purchase new equipment, possibly Steve Blythe’s ama, but it’s extremely expensive. Research needs to be done if it’s even worth it.

     ◦Chuck brings up clarification of intention of profits from auction. Jim makes a motion to move $3000 in profits from the GWCR to the restricted funds for junior program. Chuck seconds the motion, and it is approved by all.

•Coach’s Report (Ed)

     ◦Recreational paddling is averaging 5-6 canoes daily and occassionally 7. Afternoons & Sat. there are usually 1-2 canoes going out.

     ◦Ed received and email from Shelby of Waikoloa Land Co. regarding the identity of the next President of the club and major dates of events we have planned, so it can be recorded as part of the lease agreement. Ed will get back to her by the end of the week with those dates.

     ◦Coach Ed intends to start practices mid Feb. for next year, and possibly starting the junior program even earlier.

•Equipment Report (Ed)

     ◦We need to get the iakos and amas in for repairs, and possibly even 1 of our fiberglass canoes.

     ◦1 more set of skirts needs to be order. Our last order was from Maui Fiberglass, but there was a problem with the sizing (which was corrected). Ed will check with Sonny Bradley for a recommendation. Jim made a motion to approve the purchase of a set of skirts with a cost not to exceed $3000. There motion was seconded and approved by all.

     ◦One of our new amas has been damaged and the iako split from last Tuesday’s advanced recreational paddling. The members paddling the canoe offered to pay for the repairs, and there was discussion about the subject. John voiced his opinion that we are in a sport that these things happen, and accidents will happen. Unless there is negligence with our canoes or equipment, then he feels the club should pay for the repairs.

     ◦Ed is looking at options for refinishing our paddles…possibly having kids to sanding.


◦Hilton Grand Vacations Team Building

          ◾This is not really a fundraising opportunity, but they contacted Jim regarding our interest in possibly doing some team building with their employees. Possibly we could work out an exchange for funds for our GWCR food next year. Jim will get more information about exactly how often and what they are wanting to do.

•Moku Report (Cliff)

     ◦Liliuokalani race will be held 9/4-9/7 next year.

     ◦IVF World Sprints will be 8/22

     ◦Great Waikoloa Canoe Race will be 8/29

     ◦IVF is not communicating well with Moku, so Moku is not aware of what is going on with the event. There is word that IVF is looking to borrow club’s Bradley canoes and possibly even keep them for 6-8 months. As Cliff gets more information, he will forward it onto Coach Ed.

     ◦Kona Athletic is planning a cultural day on Sat., May 2.

     ◦Next year we will be back to having 9 regattas.

     ◦Cliff goes over results of the voting of various rules for next year. ◦Next Moku meeting is scheduled for 11/16

•HCRA Report (Jim)

     • ◦The dates have been posted on website for World Sprints championship.

•Membership Report (Chuck)

     ◦Single membership is 43% of total membership, family-57%. Income from singles membership-58%, family-42%.

•Unfinished Business


          ◾Rami to put out email requesting nominations and bios 4 weeks prior to election (11/16), and explain the ways to vote. Ballot must be available 14 days prior to meeting, and electronic voting closes 2 days prior to meeting.

          ◾Jim request that the reorganizing of the board be done in Jan since so many board members will not be at the annual meeting.

•New Business

     ◦Rami got a request to open a Go Fund Me account to help Jeb in the loss of Christi. The point was made that Jeb is not in favor of that and values his privacy.

     ◦Linda Gallano is organizing a beach clean up day in 2 weeks. Vicki makes a motion to give WCC white rash guards to all those helping with the clean up. The motion is seconded and approved by all.

     ◦Chuck got a request to allow a paraplegic woman to go paddling, and asks the board’s opinion. She can swim, and everyone is in favor of it, as long as precautions are taken. Her husband will be on the same canoe and she will wear a life vest. Experienced paddlers will be in the canoe with her.

Chuck motions to adjourn the meeting and the motion is seconded. The next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 4.