Board Members present: Bob Yap, Randy Anderle, Kiani Dodson, Maryann Holloway, Maria Wagner & Rami Ring

Other members present:  Adele Salzman, Glenn Leonberger, Crystal West, Erin Williams, Johanna Park, Leila Duim, Peri Steffenhagen, Alison Dodson, Randy Ring, Sandy Sater

Bob called the meeting to order at 6:08pm.  This is a follow up meeting regarding letters sent to the board regarding opportunities for paddling, training & representation of women paddlers.  Bob asks if anyone has any objections to recording the meeting.  There was no objection. 

Erin states that her letter expressed appreciation for this past season, and asked permission to enhance the program of the club, not usurp it.  She said that all the letters were very respectful and in return we were treated with disrespect.  She would like that disrespect addressed at the meeting. 

Rami expressed that her letter had basically the same intention as Erin’s and the women’s desire to utilize our canoes to have a clinic at Anaeho’omalu Bay. 

Alison states that coaches are trying to meet everyone’s needs, and bringing in another coach is being disrespectful to the coaches. 

Crystal appreciates Alison’s positive comments, but asks her to be careful not to speak for Kalani.  She feels the problem stems from people not wanting to confront their problems instead of venting it. 

Randy Ring questions,” what is the harm in having Eric help with universal principals of paddling.  All canoe clubs are to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture of paddling”. 

Bob- relays that in his discussions with Kalani, his goal is to grow the club by building up its members and teaching within the club.  Bringing in new coaches could lead to paddlers seeking skills from a different coach.  He also states that Kalani is fine with members going elsewhere to get coaching, but not in our bay. 

Maryann feels this is a board decision how we use our canoes & use our assets, & how we maintain our non profit C status.  “Are we meeting our mission?  Are we better off now than we were a year ago?  What is best for all our members?” 

Johanna says she’s been a member for 15 years., Kalani is the coach of our club, and he works very hard.  She feels the women should get together with Kalani to work together with Eric and rebuild trust.  For 15 years, women have taken a back seat.  If there is a way we can do this without disrespecting our coach. 

Alison-She feels it’s difficult for the coach not to have a vote. 

Kiani expressed her opinion that Kalani feels disrespected, and if this issue had been approached differently, Kalani may be more open to it.  She also feels that following through with a vote to replace our coach would be very detrimental to the club.    

Peri- member for 3 years, expresses her appreciation for the club and states that expressing herself in this meeting feels dangerous.  She feels to have a meeting that concerns others that are not in attendance at the meeting is not productive. 

Maria- Her take from reading the letters, is the desire to have structure within the club.  She was very pleased to see the email that states steering clinics are available to the entire club.  She would like to see some documentation of the vision of the coaches, which may excite members.   

Some discussion regarding importance of maintaining our 501C3 status. 

Randy Anderle- His feeling is that coaches need to coach, and board members need to manage the books.  All coaching decisions need to be a decision of the coach. 

Crystal- comes back to mission statement.  Everyone should be able to communicate without feeling threatened or retaliated against.  Communicate directly. 

Glenn Leonberger- In agreement that the coaches need to be consulted anytime someone new is brought in for coaching, from a board perspective, if WCC equipment are being used.  There is a need to be clear on guidelines. 

Randy feels the resolution is to just respond to the letters received.  Suggests that if paddlers would like to bring in clinics they need to get together with the coaches, and ultimately it is the coaches decision.  We all want to improve and be the best club possible. 

Alison reinforces that she feels the approach to the issue created more of a problem.  She states that there is no one more dedicated to the club than the coaches. 

Sandy Sater states that there are many issues with rec paddling, without Maryann and Maria there would be no Ohana program. 

Bob thanks everyone, bringing the meeting to a close.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:18 pm