Board of directors present: Maryann Holloway, Leila Duim, Terry Weisenburger, Bob Yap, Rami Ring, Kim Schneider

Other members present:  Robbie Breidenbach, Chris Parsons, Kalani Kaili, Ronda Robertson, John Lavryssen.

The meeting was held virtual through Google Meet.  Bob calls the meeting to order at 6:32 pm.

  • Approval of minutes from Aug & Sept. meeting
    • Maryann motioned to approve the minutes for Aug and Sept., Leila seconded the motion, all board members approved. 
    • Treasurer’s Report (Bob)
      •  Bob still working on closing out the month, but currently we have $73,000 in savings, $10,000 of that will be transferred to high-yield account.  We received $200 from the Canada club for using our canoe.
      • DNLR ins has been renewed, Chris is requesting a copy of certificate of insurance for D & O. 
      • Ronda Robertson has agreed to serve as our club Treasurer for a trial period of 4 months.  She is a bookkeeper and very familiar with Quickbooks. Bob requests approval to appoint her to the board.  Maryann made a motion to appoint Ronda to the board, Leila seconded the motion, all board members approved.  Rami made a motion to nominate Ronda as Treasurer, Maryann seconded the motion, all board members approved.  Bob will meet with Ronda regarding QB and go over the books. 
      • Bob had a problem with transfer of money and unable to set up the CD purchase (or high-yield account)
    • Equipment Report (Randy/Kalani) 
      • Tahitian & J3 still needs some repairs.  Kalani will be asking for volunteers to sand and re-varnish the iakos.  Our new koa iako has been ordered and the deposit check has been mailed.   
    • Moku & HCRA Report (Randy absent)
      • Moku is trying to revise transfer process for long distance racers to make it easier.  After long distance, paddler will go right back to their original club.  
    • Coach’s Report (Kalani)
      • Maui Strong race is on Sunday and our 60’s ladies will be competing.  Kamehameha club on Oahu has let the crew use their canoe.  Kalani stressed the importance of building a relationship with other clubs and has successfully established one with Kamehameha Oahu.   
    • Old Business
      • The vendor for the installation of cameras was off-island, we will need to follow up with Randy to see status. 
    • New Business
      • Nominees for Board of Directors, Nomination Committee
        • Bob will work with Rami to get another email together to solicit nominating committee.  As far as the voting process goes, Kalani stressed that privacy is needed when turning in ballots.  
      • Update from 60’s women crew regarding Maui Strong race- (Leila)         
        • Leila turned in a breakdown of costs for the race, which came out to $2346.  Terry sponsored the ladies with a restricted contribution to the club of $2000, and the balance was previously approved by the board.  Leila stated the crew did not want to use the full amount that was approved by the board and preferred the funds stay with the club to allow others to get assistance in the future.  She thanked both Terry and the Board for the generous support.  Kalani asked about possibility of compensation for maintaining OC1 & OC2 canoes used by the juniors.  Possibly from the $5000 grant that we received?   
      • Chris volunteered to handle the rack assignments.   
      • Ironman (Terry)
        • 33 people have signed up from the club & the gym, but he still needs more volunteers.  Still in need of tents, & help for midnight shift.  Volunteers can bring coolers with ice & Jeb will lend his boombox.  Food & shirts for all volunteers.  Terry will be getting another email together to solicit more volunteers.    
    • Date and time of next meeting- Wed., Nov. 1 at 6:30 pm. Maryann made a motion to adjourn, Kim seconded the motion, and all board members were in agreement. The meeting was adjourned at 7:31 pm.