Board Members present: Bob Yap, Maryann Holloway, Maria Wagner, Ralph Adams & Kiana Dodson, Rami Ring, Randy Anderle

Other members present:  Adele Salzman, Kim Schneider, Monica Szuba, Kalani Kaili, Erin Williams, Leila Duim, KC Clark, Alison Dodson

Bob Yap called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.

Maria made a motion to accept the minutes as written.  The motion was seconded and approved by all. 

TREASURER’S REPORT- (Maria) See Maria’s report.  1 major expense, restoration of Tahitian.  Expenses are over budget, but we are still in pretty good position, online to end the year in the black or break even & still be able to do some repairs.  Maria moved $15,000 out of checking and put into savings.  Maria wants to get going on next year’s budget & asks everyone to think about it and give her feedback.  Maria will send out an email trying to set up a meeting to go over the budget.   

Maria suggests getting corporate donations for GWCR in Jan. so we’re not competing for donations in May when another club has a race.  

EQUIPMENT REPORT-(Kalani) We need to change bearings on 3 dollies, bearings should be approx. $70/each, but Kalani is estimating $300 for dolly repairs.  Canoes for repairs- J2, J3, J4, J5, J6 & J9.  Men of the club will repair 2,3,4,5,6 at minimal cost.  Tiger to repair J9 estimated at $500 but Kalani thinks the actual cost may be closer to $1000 because they may find other issues.  Kalani felt it was not necessary to buy a new dolly, repair is adequate. Dolly into the budget for next year, just in case we need it. Bob is still trying to get a couple of covers repaired @ $250/each from our previous vendor.  Kalani will talk to Kai about doing repairs to covers.  

HCRA/MOKU REPORT – No report update, Randy was late to the meeting.

COACH’S REPORT– (Kalani)  Kalani is setting up steering clinics, looking at 3rd Sun. of Oct, and 2nd Sun of Nov.  Kalani has already started training with juniors, implementing paddle stroke technique.   Kalani addresses the letters written to the Board by wahine paddlers from the club after Kalani changed his mind on allowing a guest coach to teach the ladies at Anaeho’omalu Bay.  Kalani states that appreciates the passion the ladies have, but he has a plan for the future of this club, & he and Jeb have decided that they will be building the club in-house & appointing Kim Schneider to be paddle technique coach for 55 & 60 women.  Kim Schneider states that she is not sure she can fulfill the position to be the women’s coach technique.  Kalani supports extra technique/coaching but it needs to be on your own and not within the club and in our bay.  After much discussion regarding the letters from Kalani & members, it was decided to move the meeting on, and have a follow up meeting regarding this subject.  Maria states that all board members have a responsibility to the members and we should include members in this special meeting.  Randy made a motion that we have a supplemental meeting, to follow up on this subject 1 week from today on Oct. 12.  The motion was seconded.  4 approved, 1 opposed, 1 abstained.  The meeting will be open to the club on Oct. 12, Bob will send out an email. 

Guy Davis donated 2 man and 1 man canoe to be implemented into the junior program.  Canoes to be owned by the club, but Guy wants a receipt for a $3000 donation.  Maria mentioned that needs to be discussed further. 

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Bob reports, in Vicki’s absence, we have 1 new member this month.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – We paid for major repairs to Kim Pratt’s truck based on the estimate.  However, the spray on truck liner was not included in the estimate and came out at $356.  Maria made a motion to pay Kim the additional $356 to repair her truck liner. Ralph 2nd the motion. 5 approved, 1 opposed the motion was passed. 

NEW BUSINESS – Bob asked the possibility of reverting to in-person meetings 

Memorial paddles- It came to Maryann’s attention that according to the EPA regulations, we need to spread ashes 3 nautical miles from shore.  Club also needs to send paperwork to EPA to acknowledge what has happened.  She doesn’t feel recreational paddlers are qualified to go 3 miles from beach with 2 non-members and states she is not comfortable participating in paddle outs in light of this information.  Bob will reach out to other clubs to see how they handle this.  In the interim Maryann will say “no” to anyone interested in having a memorial paddle out.  Maria suggests until we find out we could also take interested parties out to spread flowers.     

Next board meeting will be Friday, Nov. 11, 2022 at 6:00 pm via Google meet. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 pm.