Board Members present: Jim Albone, Bob Yap, Randy Anderlee, Maria Wagner, and Rami Ring

Board members absent: Bary Foster

Other members present:  Adele Salzman, Maryanne Holloway, Ralph Clark, Kalani Kaili, Alison Dodson

Jim called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.


Bob made a motion to accept the minutes as written.  The motion was approved by all.


In balance sheet, some dues & rack rentals were not categorized correctly because of computer crash.  Maria will meet up with accountant, Christina Makoff and get direction for how to correct our records.  We have done fairly well with new memberships since the pandemic. 


Jim found another spool of rigging rope in the shed, so we have ample supply.  Ama was changed off of J2 due to water getting in.  New canoes have been rigged for the blessing on Sat.  Bob is having issues finding parts for the wheels to be repaired.  Randy will contact Doug Bumatay to find out if he has extra rims, and inquire on cost.    


Moku has not come out with written race schedule yet.  Moku is adding to Jan. agenda discussing Covid compliance for participation in races.  HCRA annual meeting on Sat., Dec. 4 to discuss race schedule for states.  Proposal to move men & women 60 to be close to 55 men & women.  From 4 & 5 to 33 & 34.  We decided to vote “yes”.  2nd proposal- new language classifying Gender X.  We decided to vote “yes”. 


One member from 60’s crew practicing for world sprints has been paddling but has not paid her membership fees.  She has signed day membership and HCRA waiver, but has not paid.  The board has decided that she be allowed to pay for only 4th quarter membership ($31.25) and fill out all appropriate paperwork.  Maria experienced paddlers joining other crews to paddle, but have not filled out any waivers with our club.  Maria suggested that we adopt a policy that crews practicing for races should get a list of their paddlers & alternates, & have WCC waiver & HCRA waivers signed for all paddlers.  Captain (or steersman) will need to turn in paperwork and get approval from the club. 


County regulations now allow groups of 100.  Do we want to open up ohana paddling to guests & non vaccinated paddlers?  Maria made a motion to remove the mask requirement, drop the vaccination requirement, & increase group size to no more than 100.  Randy made a motion that we start allowing friends & family to join Ohana paddling with day membership.  They must utilize sign up genius, based on a space available.   

Randy will follow up with a security co. regarding cameras at the beach.


Rami requests reimbursing Vicki for coffee and muffins for the annual meeting. 

Ralph thanked Adele & Vicki for cleaning of the shed and all the work they did the week before.

The next meeting will be our annual meeting on Sat., 12/4/21 at 10:30am followed by the Blessing of our new canoes and potluck at 12:30 pm.