Wed., June, 1, 2022

Board Members present: Bob Yap, Maria Wagner, Ralph Adams, Maryann Holloway, & Rami Ring

Other members present:  Adele Salzman, Monica Szubra, Vicki Serrao

Bob called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.

Maria made a motion to approve the minutes from last month.  Ralph seconded the motion, everyone was in agreement.

TREASURER’S REPORT (Maria)-We made about $7100 in incomefor the month, majority of the income came from recreational paddlers, we got 1 new adult paddler and a couple of juniors.  Rack rentals-need to collect from 2 as of yet.  Lots of contribution income for the month…$1000 in paddle out (celebration of life), clothing donations.  Maria created an income line for races, and when Bob writes a check it will apply to that line item.  Bank balance looks good right now. 

EQUIPMENT REPORT (Randy absent) – Kalani got the new wheels.  Cover on J3 Zipper does not close.  Invoice for previous repair was about $150.  Hose bib is leaking pretty significantly, should it be reported to WLC?  Bob will check with Jim as to who he needs to contact.  The additional safety equipment arrived, we now have 1 extra set because the missing one has shown up.  Ralph is inquiring about past discussions regarding the club acquiring OC1, but the donor has decided to keep his canoe and possibly lend it to juniors as needed for the junior program. 

HCRA/MOKU REPORT (Randy absent)– The last regatta was unofficial because the lanes were not confirmed.  The instant results is up and running and very good. 

COACHES REPORT (Kalani & Jeb are both absent)- Bob says that our club is doing good, medaling about half of the races we enter.  Pretty good results for a small club. 

MEMBERSHIP REPORT (Vicki)- 305 active members, 88 racers, Junior paddlers are the majority of new paddlers.  Congratulations to our18 crew that took 2nd place this weekend.    

FUNDRAISING-GWCR- (Maria):  Maria met with a team and they came out with a project plan and assigned tasks to each member of committee.  A couple of key items are falling into place, which is great.  Jim- race set up…getting escort boats, need that for DNLR permit.  Maria or Jim will connect with Randy to get DNLR permit.  Maria is soliciting donations for raffle/gifts.  Maria would like to create Venmo account for raffle, etc.  Manyann is in charge of registration.  Kalani wants to change the number of miles for the race, so Maryann needs to connect with him to solidify that, however Maryann is having a hard time connecting with him.  Ralph- Food- Resorts are not interested in helping out with food at this point. Hilton donated tables & chairs & ice & 2 day passes for the raffle.  Earl’s in Waimea appears to be the best choice for food….500 count ($3000 approx.).  Beach set up-Maria.  Monica will create a schedule for volunteers.  Tommy will be doing the music and offered for us to use his PA system.  Need to let Tommy know what time to be there. 

Venmo for the race- Maria made a motion to create a Venmo account for the club to be used for GWCR & fundraising.  Possibility of offering a discount if you register early…or charge a late fee if registering on race day. 

GWCR shirts & club shirts are ordered, but costs of shirts have gone up about 15%…shipping is high.  $500 in lavaman money set aside in a restricted account, do we want to use that money for the youth shirts?  Maria made a motion to pay for the youth shirts out of the restricted fund, Maryann seconded the motion and it was approved by all. 

OLD BUSINESS – Possible membership drive @ Waikoloa Marketplace?  Maria suggests waiting until racing season is over before proceeding with this.  Maria feels there may be recreational paddlers who may be interested in joining the racing program.  Perhaps once season is over we work on combining the programs to try get more paddlers involved. 

NEW BUSINESS – June review of 2022 Budget- In the beginning of the year we had decided to review the budget in June.  Even though we are a bit in the positive with the budget, Maria recommends staying on course as we are, even though we do not know how much we will generate from GWCR.  A lot of money is going to repairs.  Travel budget may be short if we make it to states. 

The possibility of changing the time of our board meetings to 7 pm so coaches can attend the meeting was brought up.  We could cap the meeting at 8:30 pm.  Bob will confer with Kalani.  Kiani Dobson expressed interest on being on the board.  Do you want to allow junior paddlers on the board? 

Coaches gifts- Alison, Eric and Randy also.  Can we set aside funds?  Maria made a motion to set aside $500 for coaches gifts, with the lion’s share going to Kalani & Jeb.   

Next meeting will be Wednesday, July 6, 2022 at 6:00 pm (subject to change) via Google meet.  Ralph & Bob thanked everyone on the board and Adele & Vicki for all their hard work for the club. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 pm.