Virtual meeting @ 6:30 pm via Google Meet

Board Members Present: Randy Anderle, Erin Williams, Ralph Adams, Kim Schneider, Coach Kalani Kaili, Bob Yap (6:42 pm)

Board Members Not in Attendance: Maryann Holloway, Eric Goetz, Kianni Dodson

Other Members Present: Sandra Sater

The meeting was held virtually via Google Meet. The recorder of the minutes was Erin Williams, Secretary.

Vice President Randy Anderle initiated the meeting at 6:32 pm with a quorum of 5 directors present. President Bob Yap joined the meeting shortly thereafter.

Ralph Adams made a motion to approve the Minutes for July; the motion was seconded and approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report (Bob): A check in the amount of $3,500 for the GWCR catering has been cashed. Currently, the club’s checking account has a balance of $6,500 and its savings account has a balance of $73K. Bob shared that he has investigated the purchase of online CDs; however, in order to purchase, someone must provide a Social Security number. Ralph asked how taxes would affect said person providing SS#.

Equipment Report (Kalani):  J5 is repaired (Manu ripped off); bill has not been received. The numbered sock for the koa canoe is missing; however, it may be in the shed. Randy added that the Tahitian wa’a also needs a sock. Na wa’a J5, J2, and J3 need their numbering before the GWCR and the Tahitian will need to be set up.

Moku & HCRA Report (Randy): Randy shared an email sent out to clubs provides the States race information including times and locations for canoe weigh-ins, tent set-up, and officials’ meeting, coaches meeting. Merchandise will go on sale at opening ceremony time: 7:15 am.

Coach’s Report (Kalani): Kalani shared that Juniors membership is “falling off”; his focus will be on the younger Juniors for the GWCR. WCC will race with whoever can. The 60s Men crew is weak with novice paddlers. Kim’s program is good to go.

Membership Report (Sandy): Sandy was not present. Bob shared that 3 youth and 2 Ohana paddlers have joined.

Rack Management Report (Eric/Jonathan): Not present/no report.

Old Business 

Security Cameras (Randy): Randy reports that the representative for Ali’i Alarm is currently out of the country; the cameras are not yet installed. Kalani reports theft of seats.

Great Waikoloa Canoe Race (Ralph): Ralph shared that many volunteers have stepped up to assist and he thanked them. Preparations for the race are running smoothly; however, there is a critical need for the following:  tents (5—raffle, merchandise, officials, registration, entertainment), garbage and recyclables, reminder to wahine members about dessert for 30 paddlers, reminder to kane paddlers about donation of 40 bottles of water, escort boats still need 3 passengers, PA system, and power cords. As well, Ralph is still in need of SignupGenius positions to be filled. Ralph may call for an additional BoD meeting to finalize preparations for the GWCR 2 weeks before the race day—tentative meeting date and time are August 16th at 6:30 pm.

      Eric Jacobson will supervise parking for the race.

Treasurer (Bob): The position remains open.

New Business 

BoD Positions Open: Ralph noted that Eric Goetz and Kianni Dodson are not in attendance and Kianni is leaving the island soon to attend college. Bob and Kalani confirmed that Kianni’s position is open and in need of an appointment. Randy reported that Eric Goetz is no longer serving on the Board. Ralph suggests that we publish the open positions and fill all currently open 3-year positions. Randy indicated that he wants the Board to make these decisions rather than an individual.

Rami Ring’s Request for memorial paddle out: As a reminder, Rami Ring has been given Board approval for the use of two canoes for the service on August 18, 2023.

Members Forum

     ➢Sandy Sater asked for clarification regarding conflict of a BoD member paddling for another club. Ralph referenced the WCC Policy which states a member paddling for another club cannot run for office. Randy will look at the MOKU rules and report his findings.Ralph stated that the Board makes the Policies and By-laws; thus, these must be followed.

Date and time of next meeting: Date is Wednesday, September 6. 2023 via Google Meet (virtual). Meeting will begin at 6:30 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:46 pm.