Recorder of minutes: Vicki Serrao

Board members present : John Ciambrone, Chuck Pfaff, Jim Albone, Ronald Hayward, Vicki Serrao

Head Coach Ed Teixeira: present

Board members absent: Rami Ring, Glenn Leonberger, Guy Davis and Cliff Gilley

Other members present: Carl Gibson

John Ciambrone called the meeting to order.

Approved minutes from last meeting.

Glenn unable to attend for Treasurers report…$3600 added to original maintenance budget for equipment…approved and 2nd Next big payout will be insurance premium for this year.

$2900 for repairs on J-4 & J-5 ***Note from all the work done to both J-4 & J-5 outstanding. Proposed a plan to gather both Ohana and racing paddlers to help refinish existing club paddles. Any repairs or refinishing to iako and ama will be farmed out

It was proposed that the small plastic paddles which have been residing unused in the shed be donated to Lyle Cabacungan for his church group to learn the art of paddling.

Coach Ed spoke of turnout for race practice with 53ppl being the highest turn out so far. At this time, practice days and times to remain the same, until racer numbers increase. Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:00 and Saturday mornings at 8:00. Coach believes numbers will start to build before the beginning of race season. New paddlers showing up as we go along, this is starting to be the case.

Our paid membership so far this year is at 229, compared to approx. 350 Last year. Of those, 101 were racers. Our numbers are expected to go up as racing season approaches. Chuck added that the keiki program is on track with quite a number of new paddlers. There are 30 paddlers signed up. This year we have had an overwhelming number of guests join our Ohana paddling family. Often times we have more part time paddler in our canoes than those who paddle consistently.

It is up to the discretion of the beach boss for the day to determine if the less experienced paddlers should stay in the Bay as a group. Also, to limit the number of inexperienced paddlers in each canoe to one if they are to leave the Bay. It is also the responsibility of the beach boss to cancel any outing because of inclement conditions.

Our guest policy has also been changed: Family members will not be charged but any other member guests or walk-ons must buy the day pass. Coach Ed showed us a mock up of the proposed design for the new Bradley lightening canoe. The wrap and artwork for the J-7, was done by a gentleman by the name of Chad using traditional Hawaiian Tattoo designs with meanings tied to Anaeho’omalu Bay and our paddling waters. The cost for the wrap and artwork, $1500.

Carl Gibson gave us an update on the plans for our participation in this years’ Lavaman. The list of volunteers has been turned into Jan War who heads up the race, she now has everything needed from us for this year’s race. Carl will be waiting to hear from her for times and area instructions.

Nothing to report from Moku as there have been no meetings or reports.

HCRA- The transmitter for regatta announcements has been purchased, our boom box has not yet been tested.

All slots in the racks which were available have been paid for and there are still a few slots still available. Please contact Ted Casinelli for availability.

Please anyone using your canoes and the saddles…return them to the space inside the rock wall, and if you go out, please move them out of the way of any land management vehicles which need to get from the back areas to the beach. Thank you!!

New hats have been ordered and should be here in about 4 weeks.

We would like to use the new tattoo design for the Bradley as a design on our new shirts. They will be either purple or black. Please let your preference be known. We would like to get them ordered in time for race season.

Next Board Meeting—April 3

Meeting adjourned